Summer’s end is here and numerous summer projects on my to-do list have yet to be crossed off. Oh yes, summer’s big project, the garden, was planted and weeded, but now my time’s spent harvesting. This is an enjoyable project; this project gets done. But the bigger and less-enjoyable projects are those I most easily put off. Hence mid-August arrived and I had yet to install that invisible, electric fence to keep our puppy, Tao, aka El Diablo, in the yard. Have I been slacking? It doesn’t quite feel like it. Probably because I’ve been busy with those year-round, smaller, incessant projects, such as house-cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Yet I attend to them and they come right back. Add mowing the grass to the summer to-do list. And just like the laundry pile, that grass grows again.

So if I was ever to get that invisible fence installed, some chores would have to be neglected. But which ones? Well, cleaning would normally be the first on the list to knock off, but cleaning is my preferred, and habitual way of procrastinating. For years to avoid doing what I need to do I’ve been cleaning instead. I didn’t want to dig trenches for that fence so now my house is pretty clean. Give up laundry? I don’t own enough clothes to slack on laundry. So the only daily chore I could neglect in order to get that fence installed was cooking.

So I did because I could. The kids were visiting their grandparents so I didn’t have to cook for them. After a Saturday spent digging trenches, laying wires, and splicing them together I ate popcorn, poached eggs and left-over broccoli for dinner. Well, yes, they all required heating, but I wouldn’t call it cooking.

Come Sunday however, I couldn’t skip on the cooking to finish the fence because my brother had been driving 1000 miles and was arriving for dinner. I’d have to make something decent, but I wanted to be done with that fence. I knew I’d better prepare an easy dinner ahead of time because once I took up my work gloves they wouldn’t be coming off until that fence was in! So I tried a new recipe that I could whip up fast ahead of time. I found variations of the recipe in two Wisconsin cookbooks so I figured it was likely pretty tasty. I was right. This recipe for tomato curry chicken has a mild, delicious curry flavor that makes the house smell terrific as it bakes in the oven. Click on “Continue reading…” for the recipe.

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