College cooking – simple meals: Back to school ideas continued for parents of college students.

This post is for my dear friends who are beyond stressing about the nutritional value of fruit snacks and juice packs. These friends have real worries. Their children are returning to college, – that mecca of junk food and questionable-cafeteria fare. And no sensible parent will be there to read the nutrition labels!! Will 18 years of healthy eating be wiped out in a semester? Yes, moms are in a panic. What to do? 

Simple meals and microwaves are my suggestions for healthy college cooking. The way I look at it is that college students don’t think about eating until they’re hungry. Then they eat whatever is closest that tastes best. Proximity and flavor trump nutrition. Thus, with vending machines close at hand, little college cooking ever gets done.

But armed with this insight, the conscientious college parent has a chance at tilting the windmill and winning the healthy, college cooking battle. Keep reading to find out the parent’s secret weapon and cunning strategy!

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