When you think of Wisconsin you think of cheese and bratwurst, but maybe you should think of coffee! That’s right, Wisconsin makes some awesome java and other great coffee related treats. Here are 5 of my favorites.


1. Berres Brothers – Berres Brothers makes flavored coffees in every variety you’ve ever heard of, and some you haven’t. Enjoy classic flavors like chocolate mint or vanilla nut, or try something new like streusel┬ácake or my personal favorite, Highlander grogg. A Berres Brothers samples makes a fabulous gift. Shop for samplers here.

2. Kringle- Coffee and Kringle are a perfect pair. Kringles have layers of flaky pastry, a sweet filling and icing on top. They flavor resembles the Danish breakfast pastries you’re used to, but the size will impress you… a Kringle can serve 8-12 people! Kringles ship nationwide at Wisconsinmade.com.

3. Wisconsin Coffee of the Month Club- A coffee of the month club subscription makes the ultimate gift for a coffee fanatic. Each month, the lucky recipient of the coffee club will get a package shipped to their door with a different type of Wisconsin coffee. Sign up the coffee lover in your life here.

4. Door County Coffee, now in K-Cups! – Coffee drinkers love the energy boost their favorite beverage provides, so it’s not surprising that many of them are on the go and want their coffee fast! That’s where the Keurig comes in. It’s a special coffee brewer that uses pre-portioned coffee containers called K-Cups. K-cups eliminate the need to measure grounds or use filters, making the coffee brewing process easier and cleaner. One of my favorite Wisconsin coffee companies, Door County Coffee, now offers their coffee in K-cups- shop here!

5. Espresso Oreo Ice Cream – The Chocolate Shoppe in Wisconsin prides themselves on the crazy flavors they come up with, and Espresso Oreo is the perfect example. This tasty concoction has espresso flavored ice cream and “heaps of oreos”. I don’t know about you but that’s my favorite way to eat Oreos- in heaps!