Trumpets sound! The crowd cheers! Enter KING LINGONBERRY! A royal centerpiece constructed by one mom, decorated by one 8-year-old, and motived by one pre-schooler who needs to learn his alphabet by fall for kindergarten. King Lingonberry is a regal coffee cake, – an edible centerpiece, – a noble regent ready to reside over a grand table.

Tell us, Your Majesty, King Lingonberry, how did you ascend to your place of honor on the table?

“Mine were humble beginnings,” explained the king. “I come from a box of Bisquick and a jar of Lingonberries. But the twinkle in the proverbial eye belonged to a five-year old who’s dear mother fretted that he didn’t know his letters ‘K’ and ‘L’. Yes, the noble woman and her kind daughter play a weekly alphabet game to teach their pre-schooler the alphabet.

It was the mother who rummaged through her recipe file and recovered my ancestral record, -a generations-old, Scandinavian recipe, once archived in Open House Imports, – that wonderful, wee shop in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

In accord with the recipe’s instructions, the mother hardly toiled mixing bananas, berries, and Bisquick.” (The Open House Imports recipe is posted on the page: Cookies ‘n Cakes – Festive ‘n Fun! Click on ‘continue reading… for instructions on how to ‘build a king’.)

As she cooked, the children gathered toys beginning with the letters ‘K’ and ‘L’ and placed them into their celebrated alphabet box. The girl’s name happens to be Lucky Lauren, and so is pictured here beside the box.


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