So the Packers lost the NFC championship last night.  The temperature is still below 0.  And it’s snowing.  This morning’s mood at the bus stop was mopey -disagreements voiced on exactly how much snow will fall, but consensus on ‘the poor Packers’. What’s a Wisconsinite to do on the morning after?  Comfort foods required.

So I turn to the old standby: peanut butter on whole-grain bread and a cup of strong, gourmet coffee with cream.  I must be needing comfort on a regular basis because this has become my standard breakfast.  But the menu makes sense; the peanut part is high in protein, the butter part keeps me feeling full until noon.  And the whole grains do all sorts of wonderful things you can read about elsewhere.   But the secret to the comfort breakfast is coffee with cream, at least with half-and-half.  Don’t even think about offering me skim milk, and someone clever should find a real use for non-dairy creamer. (Read about the multiple health benefits of peanut butter and coffee.)

This morning I need an extra boost, so I go to a coffee shop.  It’s a local place, which over the past few years has cloned itself and now exists in other neighborhoods around Madison.  I go for the good coffee.  But looking around the shop I see it brokers in all kinds of comfort items.  Its variety of flavored dark chocolate bars is extensive.  Cocoa is known to stimulate feelings of pleasure and well-being, and the cocoa content on some of these bars is up to 82%.  Some bars even label themselves ‘vigor’ and ‘harmonizing’.  Some bars are ‘lavender’ – as if suggesting I should bathe in them.  Who knows, maybe I haven’t fully caught on to the concept of total comfort. (Read more about the health benefits of chocolate.) 

So the chocolate bars are on one side of the counter, and the truffles and pastries the size of Brett Farve’s hand are in the middle of the counter display.  Space on the counter’s right is devoted to single malt scotch’s, sold by the glass or bottle. A full range of other liquors are sold in the back half of the shop.  Now this place sells comfort! 

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