guess-what-time-citytinThey’re back! CityTins are once again available at If you’re new to CityTins, here’s the deal- each CityTin is filled with 20 coasters that can be used for $10 off your favorite Madison and Milwaukee restaurants, bars and lounges. The tins only cost $25 each, shipping included, but they contain $200 worth of savings. For the indecisive but hungry diners, each tin also includes a “dinner spinner” – a board game-like wheel that will pick the restaurant for you. You’re probably wondering what the catch is, and there isn’t one really – just that you should get them while you can because only a limited number are made each year and they sell out fast!

There are three CityTins to choose from this year:

Madison CityTin– From pizza to steakhouses there is something for everyone in the capital city’s 2014 version of the CityTin. Enjoy charcoal steaks at Delaney’s, schnitzel at the Essen Haus or a romantic dinner at the Stone House at Quivey’s Grove.

Milwaukee CityTin -The Milwaukee CityTin will bring you discounted dishes at Balzac, Maxie’s, Swig, and Pastiche, just to name a few.

Milwaukee Bars and Lounges CityTin– One CityTin could not even contain all of the awesome places to eat and drink in Milwaukee so for the first time a Milwaukee Bar and Lounge CityTin is available in addition to the restaurant CityTin. Enjoy discounted libations at Great Lakes Distillery, Water Buffalo, Belmont Tavern and more.

CityTins make a perfect stocking stuffer for your foodie friends or give them as a gift to a friend that is new to the area to help them explore the food scene. Plus don’t forget to get one for yourself so you can enjoy the adventure!