At 3:00 and 7:00 pm on Jan. 31st the Wild Rumpus Winter Circus presents “Loose in Donald Park” at the Mt. Horeb High School Auditorium. Mid-way through the circus performances, clowns will alert the Ring Master that the monkeys have escaped! They now run loose in Dane County’s Donald Park! The scene transforms into woods and fields where clowns, acrobats, jugglers, and unicyclers lead the chase to round-up the escaped monkeys. In this magical park, the pursuers encounter feathered characters on stilts, colorful giant puppets, uproarious clown antics, and A LOT OF MONKEY BUSINESS.

clown-1 Wisconsinmade‘s own Nina Cheney is one of the clown characters. So it is in Nina’s honor that I baked a banana cream pie. I know cream pies don’t last long in the hands of a clown. And every clown needs a healthy supply of pies.

But Nina is having second thoughts about throwing this one. I told her that I baked it according to Helen Myhre’s recipe. Helen Myhre is the farm-woman turned restaurant-owner in Osseo, WI. Her Norske Nook diner has turned the little Wisconsin town into a tourist attraction. Helen has won 13 blue ribbons for her pies at the National Pie Contests. Her banana cream was one of the winners. Now Nina holds an exact replica of Helen’s banana cream pie champion. Should she throw it?

Well, you know what happens with pies and clowns…Anyway, if you want the recipe, click on continue reading.

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