Cinco de Mayo esta aqui! Want to celebrate with food that’s festive, fun, easy, and nutritious? No problema! Hay muchas comidas deliciosas para ti. Yes, it’s been a flurry of activity in my kitchen as we prepare for our Cinco de Mayo party tonight! Yesterday I made green chile chicken in the crock pot, – spicy for the adults. And I made green chile chicken in the skillet, sans green chiles, for the kids. Then I mixed up a batch of guacamole, but I ate it. So I’ll be making more again tonight. This morning I whipped up spinach enchiladas, except, true to form, the spinach I was certain was in the freezer, wasn’t. So my enchiladas are broccoli. Who cares? – the kids don’t like broccoli or spinach, and I like them both. No problema! The salad fixings lay ready in the crisper; beans and chips stand by in the cupboard. We’ll string the red, chile pepper lights in the kitchen and bueno! Tenemos una fiesta!

Here are pics of my Spinach (broccoli) Enchiladas. The recipe comes from Bluephies New American Cooking cookbook. I’m posting it on the side page Holiday Fare.

First the veggies get sauteed and mixed with cream cheese.

.Rolling up the cream cheese, broccoli, onion, and pepper goodness.

.Baked for 10 minutes!

.Vamos a ver! A pile of spicy goodness!

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