Cinco de Mayo party food can be tasty and pleasing, but why? Is that the point? Do your Cinco de Mayo guests really come for yet another ordinary Gringo meal? Will another flour tortilla smothered in mild cheese and rolled around a glop of beans in tomato sauce over which a shaker of red pepper has been waved exactly once really make your guests ask for seconds?

You know the answer: NO! Your guests want more. Not more; your guests want it all! Your guests are thrill-seekers lusting for adventure in food. They crave the limits of flavor! And that’s why you’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo party! You know your friends, now you’ve got to serve the right spicy party food.

I suggest spicy chili. Not just any spicy chili, – an especially extra-hot, spicy chili. Read on for an extremely hot, spicy chili recipe and the explanation of why you need it.

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