Garden gifts of fresh vegetables delicately prepared with succulent fish and meats, and served in tantalizingly-complex, flavorful sauces excite gourmet tastes at Madison, Wisconsin’s new, gourmet
restaurant, the Cilantro Bar and Grill.

Just opened in May at 7005 Tree Ln (faces Gammon Rd., directly across from Memorial High School), this little restaurant attracts a significant crowd. To meet demand, it will soon add an outdoor garden area where diners can relax under shade trees. The interior atmosphere is open but intimate, light and welcoming, with floor to ceiling windows on two sides, and walls painted in warm hues that display original paintings. The food reflects the atmosphere, beautifully presented and satisfying. Word
has spread that the Cilantro Bar and
Grill consistently delivers gourmet gifts of fine, Mexican cuisine. 

By Mexican, I mean Authentic Mexican, -no gloppy, Gringo enchiladas or big-as-your-head burritos that bust your butt. Cilantro’s dishes are elegant, like those found in fine, cosmopolitan restaurants. The proprietor, Armando Cristobal, brings together on one menu traditional meals from areas throughout Mexico. Some recipes followed are generations old and owe their unique flavors to the spices and fruits of particular Mexican regions. These special flavorings make it difficult to reproduce Cilantro’s food at home, which is why people who enjoy gourmet food keep returning to Cilantro.

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