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Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies  should be in Christmas colors.  True or False?

For decades I have believed True. Christmas cookies should be white (ish) with red, green, silver, or gold decorations. Blue Christmas decorations are a novelty to which I’ve adjusted. Mauve and black are horrors. 

The only exceptions I make for non-white Christmas cookies are for ginger cookies. But these too must adhere to my standard of either glistening with white sugar or being shaped as men… and decorated with red, green, and white icing.

Chocolate Christmas cookies are OUT. Chocolate is marvelous…for Easter, or served in truffle form anytime.

But as I age, my mind (and hips) broaden. I’ve begun to accept other people’s tradition of baking chocolate Christmas cookies. And I will eat them. However do not expect a chocolate Christmas cookie recipe from me.

Instead, keep reading for an absolutely scrumptious recipe for cranberry (chip) cookies that are perfect for Christmas and all other seasons! Included is a reflective explanation of why these cookies contain chocolate chips.

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditionsAdvice from a Christmas traditions reformer:

  1. Have Christmas traditions. – They create happy memories and secure childhoods.
  2. Christmas traditions can be extremely simple. – Capitalize on this.
  3. Never start a Christmas tradition you can’t finish. – Think long term.

I love Christmas traditions. Seasonal repetitions of small acts heralding happy times are must-haves in life. Christmas traditions are celebratory routines. They give children a sense that life is stable, predictable, – and wonderful. They reinforce the important lesson that despite life’s challenges and sorrows, life continues and good things happen. Make sure you build Christmas traditions into your holidays.

Having said this, don’t go overboard creating Christmas traditions. You don’t need many. In fact, the fewer you have, the more special they become. I asked my daughter what her favorite Christmas traditions are and her first answer was, “Hanging up the cloth advent calendar Grandma gave me.” Who knew? It doesn’t get simpler than that. 

I know some women who make themselves frantic enacting too many Christmas traditions. Their traditions have become to-do lists that end up stressing out the whole family. Practice too many traditions and you’re sure to get your offspring running for the hills. 

So choose wisely. New parents, think now what Christmas traditions you’ll practice and consider if you can go the distance with them as your children grow. Keep reading for my own family’s informative story…and yes, there will be food.

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