Remember Christmas season last year? There was a Polar Vortex and sub-zero temps, and I bet you stayed inside and ate some fabulous holiday food. But how come Christmas hams, gingerbread men and other holiday favorites are reserved for the winter? Here are 5 Wisconsin food gifts that can bring joy all year round!

1. Nueske Ham– When I was in college my fellow students couldn’t wait to go home for a holiday meal because….HAM! I’ve learned a lot since then, including that ham is easy to make. Especially applewood smoked hams from Nueske. They come fully cooked so all you have to do is cook and eat. You can enjoy ham on sandwiches, in omlettes, even in ham salad- so don’t limit ham to the holidays!


2. Cheese of the Month Club– Month clubs are one of my favorite gifts because they keep on giving. In fact, if you purchase a 6-month club in July, your gift recpient will still be receiving cheese gifts in December.


3. Gingerbread– Fans of these adorable gingerbread men say they can’t stop eating them, and since they can get them year-round, they don’t have to!


4. Cranberry Chutney– Wisconsin produces more cranberries than any other state, so there are plenty of cranberries for us to enjoy in the summer months. Cranberry chutney is a perfect pairing with cheese like brie or gouda, so serve some as an appetizer at your next summer barbeque!

1392-cranberry-chutney-L (1)

5. Kringle– As soon as the calendar hits December, Wisconsinites all over the USA get a Kringle craving.  It’s easy to see why- these decatant pasties ship freshly baked from Danish bakeries in Racine so they’re perfect to fill that holiday sweet tooth craving.  But why do we limit Kringle to the holidays? In July, you can even get special flavors like Key Lime, but only for a limited time. Visit to get shopping for Kringle!



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