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5 Wisconsin Food Gifts with Free Shipping

I’m done with shopping in stores. Why wait in line and fight crowds when so many gifts are just a click away online? In fact, if you look hard enough, you can even find online gifts with free shipping. I’ve done the leg work (or should I say click work?) for you and found these fabulous gifts with free shipping. Happy shopping! Order soon to ensure delivery by Christmas.

1. Bacon Caramel Corn – Salty and sweet, crispy popcorn and chewy caramel with chunks of pork candy mixed in. How can it get better? Free shipping! That’s how!


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5 Best Wisconsin Cheeses for Christmas

Some people don’t consider cheese a Christmas food, but those people are not from Wisconsin. For those of us who love America’s Dairyland, no celebration is complete without a cheesey appetizer or side dish.  Here are 5 of my favorite Wisconsin cheeses for Christmas, all of which you can find at!

1. Holly Berry Cheddar Cheese Bowl – Say goodbye to “cheese” spread from a can and say “Happy Holidays!” to 100% real Wisconsin cheddar cheese.  It’s shredded, blended with some secret ingredients and packed into a festive holiday bowl. All you have to do is order it from and we’ll ship it to your door anywhere in the USA for you and your holiday guests to enjoy.



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July in Christmas! All-American Gifts for the Holidays

At, we’re crazy about America all year round, so in honor of the USA, we’ve picked our five favorite patriotic holiday foods and gifts. It might be cold outside, but with all-American gifts like these, you’ll feel like it’s Independence Day!

Hot Dogs – Why not grill some all American hot dogs this holiday season? This tasty summer food shouldn’t be reserved for the warm months. Top Wisconsin-made hot dogs with ketchup and relish for some red and green Christmas flare!

America’s Dairyland Cheese Gift Box – In Wisconsin, we make 25% of America’s cheese and wear 99% of America’s cheese hats, so it’s no wonder we’ve earned the name America’s Dairyland. Surprise your friends and family with the gift of Wisconsin cheese with this gourmet gift box that includes half pound blocks of monteray jack, white cheddar, pesto havarti, baby swiss and jalapeno cheddar.

Apple Pie-This patriotic Christmas gift is as Wisconsin as a Door County apple pie! Also try the apple cherry pie that is filled with tart Door County cherries. This pie makes the perfect ending to an amazing holiday meal.

Red, White and Blue Wisconsin Ice Cream– Make an all American ice cream sundae split with red, white, and blue ice cream! Use strawberry for red, vanilla for white and Blue Moon for blue. If you’ve never tried blue moon ice cream, it tastes like Fruit Loops cereal. Kids of all ages love the fruity flavor and eye-catching color.

American Flag Cookies– If you’re not a skilled baker, can help. We have cookies in many different holiday themes. Why not throw in some American flags with your gingerbread men?



These patriotic gifts and many more ship nationwide from Happy holiday shopping!


Wisconsin Specialties That Foodies Must Try!

wisc-specialties-1I read an article today on the Saveur website called 7 Things You Can Only Get In Wisconsin. I’m a Madison resident so I can attest that this is a great list that includes some of my favorites, but as you drool over the hunger-inducing descriptions of Wisconsin specialties, don’t despair if you’re out of state, a few of these local treats are  available for shipment nationwide.

Quince and Apple preserves for example, including the shallot confit mentioned in the article, are available online at You can even send a gift box with the preserves plus Wisconsin cheese and Potter’s Crackers (more on these later) to your favorite foodie this Christmas. My personal favorite preserve flavor from Quince and Apple is the Fig and Black Tea. I use it a few different recipes including Pioneer Woman’s Fig and Prosciutto Pizza. I’ve tried this recipe with other types of fig spread and Quince and Apple just can’t be beat.

wisc-specialties-2Babcock Hall Ice Cream is a another treat mentioned in the artlce, and it’s a favorite of University of Wisconsin grads and Madison townies alike. With the help of coolers and dry ice, your favorite Babcock Hall flavor can be shipped to your door. I agree with the author that Mocha Macchiato is a winner, but I’d also like to add Orange Custard Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cup to the list of must-try flavors.

Now that we’ve cleared up that these tasty treats ARE in fact available outside of the state, what other  Wisconsin specialties can you find online? Here are some more of my favorites.

Potter’s Crackers– Everyone loves crackers, but do you know anyone who gets amped about crackers? I do! I legitimately get excited when I see Potter’s Crackers. They taste like they are freshly baked right here in town- because they are!

Babcock Hall Cheese– As the author of the Saveur article mentioned, some cheesemakers in Wisconsin go to school to earn the title of Master Cheesemaker. They study at Babcock Hall at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  So you can get cheese made by the people who teach the masters how to make cheese!

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Top 5 Places to Shop on Small Business Saturday for Wisconsin Food Lovers

There’s been talk in the news lately about the ridiculousness of Black Friday. Many stores have let Black Friday cast a shadow of Thanksgiving. When did a day of thanks turn in to a day where we trample each other for new TVs and smart phones? It’s a sad situation, but I see a glimmer of hope as my Facebook and Twitter news feeds fill with mentions of Small Business Saturday, the day when shoppers descend on local shops to buy Christmas gifts. If you’re not sure where to go, I’ve listed a few of my favorite Wisconsin small businesses for food gifts and the place online where you can find it all in one spot.


top5-places-to-shop-1National Mustard Museum-
You may have heard of this quirky museum in  downtown Middleton, Wisconsin that features 5,400 jars of mustard and other kitschy mustard memorabilia, but did you know they have a fabulous gift shop where you can purchase mustards from all over the USA and beyond? The knowledgeable staff will even let you taste any mustard you want.



top5-places-to-shop-2Cheesecake Heaven-
When I was first introduced to Cheesecake Heaven I thought they chose quite the a lofty name, but I took one bite and realized yes, their cheesecakes indeed transports you to a sweet and creamy heaven-like state of cheesecake bliss. Visit their store in the Wisconsin Dells for cheesecake, shortbread cookies, and other delightful treats.




top5-places-to-shop-3Clock Shadow Creamery-
When you think of cheese plants you usually think of cows on the country side, but Clock Shadow Creamy is in downtown Milwaukee. They specialize in cheese curds and quark- a spreadable cheese that resembles cream cheese.





top5-places-to-shop-4Embossed Edibles-
The artists at Embossed Edibles use cookie molds that they have collected over the years to create exquisite handpainted cookies. If you can’t bare to eat them, you can let them dry and attach a ribbon and use the cookies as decorations. The cookies come in several Christmas designs including snow flakes and nativity scenes.





top5-places-to-shop-5Knight’s Gourmet Popcorn-
I like Knight’s Gourmet Popcorn for two reasons, first, there’s something fun about eating popcorn out of a giant tin, and second, they have a fun story about how they got started. Ted Knight had a popcorn machine in his living room, and neighbors would knock on his window and he would serve them some popcorn. Now Knight’s Gourmet has their own store in Milwaukee where they sell gourmet popcorn filled tins.



If you can’t make it to Wisconsin to shop with these small businesses, shop online at in the comfort of your jammies. All of the gifts mentioned above and hundreds more ship nationwide from The website might seem big, but it’s a nine woman operation, so it’s the perfect place for Small Business Saturday! See you then!

Gift Giving

Gift Giving: The Good, The Bad, and the Goat.

Gift giving this holiday can be easier than gift giving last holiday. If the folks you gave to last year enjoyed their gift, and your gift was food, then you’re all set. Just give the same food gift again.

Why food gifts? Because…

  1. Even fruitcake spoils and you can be certain that last year’s gift no longer resides in the closet/cupboard.
  2. Many people entertain during the holidays and appreciate having specialty foods and desserts on hand to share.
  3. Food gifts save people grocery money.
  4. People who have everything still need food.
  5. People give themselves a reprieve on their diets and enjoy indulging in holiday foods.
  6. Gift giving of particular foods can become happy, family traditions.

For years my mother ordered a particular company’s plum pudding for our Christmas Eve dessert. She’d set it on fire and carry it flaming to the table while we all sang. When the party moved to my house, she had the pudding delivered to me. And we continued to ignite it and feast. Christmas wasn’t Christmas without that plum pudding. In our family, giving the same food gift as last year has been a winning strategy. So that’s the good story of gift giving.

And here’s the bad, – when giving the same gift as last year goes wrong. If you’re thinking of repeating last year’s gift of flowers, keep reading.

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Swiss Krabeli Are Springerle Are Traditional Christmas Cookies Are Very Special Gifts

In this holiday season, I’m exploring traditional cooking from the different ethnic groups that settled Wisconsin. Last week I baked Swedish Pepparkakor and now Swiss Krabeli. I chose the Swiss Krabeli recipe because 1) it is flavored with anise (licorice), 2) it’s flavored with lemon, and 3) the recipe looked easy. Only as I sit down to write and turn to the web to learn about Swiss krabeli do I learn that these cookies have been baked since medieval times. Also known as springerle, these cookies might be considered the ‘original’ Christmas gifts.

Springerle originated in the area which today is a combination of southern Germany, the Alsace region of France, and parts of Switzerland. The cookies were first baked in crescent shapes and later the dough was pressed into and baked in wooden molds into which scenes of holidays and special occasions had been carved. These specially-molded cookies were given as gifts.

Molded springerle cookies look so beautiful that this sweet treat can resist being eaten. Because they harden and do not spoil as ordinary foods do, springerle cookies can be enjoyed for years as special keepsakes. Today there is a resurgence of giving springerle cookies as gifts of ornaments for the Christmas tree.  Click on “continue reading…” for a springerle recipe.

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