Gift Giving: The Good, The Bad, and the Goat.

Gift giving this holiday can be easier than gift giving last holiday. If the folks you gave to last year enjoyed their gift, and your gift was food, then you’re all set. Just give the same food gift again.

Why food gifts? Because…

  1. Even fruitcake spoils and you can be certain that last year’s gift no longer resides in the closet/cupboard.
  2. Many people entertain during the holidays and appreciate having specialty foods and desserts on hand to share.
  3. Food gifts save people grocery money.
  4. People who have everything still need food.
  5. People give themselves a reprieve on their diets and enjoy indulging in holiday foods.
  6. Gift giving of particular foods can become happy, family traditions.

For years my mother ordered a particular company’s plum pudding for our Christmas Eve dessert. She’d set it on fire and carry it flaming to the table while we all sang. When the party moved to my house, she had the pudding delivered to me. And we continued to ignite it and feast. Christmas wasn’t Christmas without that plum pudding. In our family, giving the same food gift as last year has been a winning strategy. So that’s the good story of gift giving.

And here’s the bad, – when giving the same gift as last year goes wrong. If you’re thinking of repeating last year’s gift of flowers, keep reading.

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