Christmas Day is like death and taxes, no escape. How to re-frame the inevitable and reduce holiday stress:

Christmas day is coming…fast. I’m busy shopping, decorating, and baking. At work, my co-workers and I are busy helping others shop for gifts and helping Wisconsin artisans deliver all those gifts by Christmas day. We’re in the Christmas rush.

Christmas Day is our looming deadline. It’s a lot like tax day. Everyone knows taxes are due April 15. But sure enough, most of us scramble in the hours before to get them done. It’s not as if April 15th is a surprise. But come April 1st, impending tax day feels a shock none-the-less. Like death, it waits for no one.

I’ve had nearly a year to prepare for Christmas Day. Am I ready? Are Wisconsin cows purple?

Whenever I get stressed out, I try to calm myself by shifting my perspective. I persuade myself that the situation is other than I perceive it to be. Is this self-deception? Only when it’s not wisdom. Keep reading for my latest Christmas Day con.

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