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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Lincoln and Manitowoc Edibles

Edible Antics is currently posting virtual culinary tour entries from Wisconsin counties in alphabetical order. Scroll down for some of the Wisconsin counties we visited in previous weeks. The prior counties visited are available in the archived links on the right side of your screen. We are finding special Supper Clubs, bakeries, meat markets, breweries, wineries, bed and breakfasts, parks, attractions and anything we think visitors might enjoy in each county we visit.  Some background information on each county is followed with specific links to our artisan partners and to our Edible Antics recommendations for each county.

This week we continue our Wisconsin counties virtual culinary tour in Lincoln and Manitowoc counties looking for edibles and adventures.

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Valentine’s Day Main Dishes – What to Serve BEFORE the Dessert?

Be Mine Valentine Breakfast basket

Valentine’s Day arrives in 3.5 days! Sidetracked by an early Mardi Gras, we’re short-changing Lincoln’s birthday, and racing to the heart of planning a Valentine’s Day party. My husband is more prepared for Valentine’s Day than I am. This weekend he bought each of the kids a heart-shaped box that has a Looney Tunes character on the cover and contains 4 chocolate candies. Last year they loved it, but preferred eating the high-quality chocolates he bought for me. Today the kids and I will plaster white and red heart-shaped paper doilies on the kitchen windows and cabinets, and hang them from the light fixtures. But what to cook for the main dish – our “good food”?

Valentine Chocolate

Clueless, I asked my office mates how they’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day. Their answers ranged from, “Don’t know; maybe I’ll wear a red shirt” to “I already bought myself a box of chocolates and ate it” to “Well, we have kids, so I’ll probably order a heart-shaped pizza and make a chocolate dessert.” This last response was the most promising so I followed up with, “Will you decorate the house?”

“No.” Renee said, “Not this year, we’re remodeling. But normally I put out my Valentine’s Day plate and we hang Valentine’s Day window clings.” Renee is definitely working at my speed.

So, heart-shaped pizza. Is that all there is for a main dish? What can I make that meets these three requirements in this order?

  1. “good food” my kids will eat
  2. easy to prepare
  3. festive for Valentine’s Day

How about…

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