Spring is almost here, but there’s still snow on the ground here in Madison, Wisconsin so it doesn’t feel much like spring. Since I won’t be frolicking in fields of wildflowers any time soon, I’m celebrating by finding fun ways to eat eggs, the symbol of spring and new life.


Pickled Eggs– Eggs in liquid in a jar aren’t for everyone, but since my grandma makes beet pickled eggs every Easter, I’ve grown up eating pickled eggs. If you’re a pickled egg lover who isn’t lucky enough to have an egg pickling grandma, you can get 
pickled eggs online at Wisconsinmade.com.





Huevos Rancheros – The first time I made huevos rancheros for breakfast, I couldn’t stop thinking about them all day, so I made some more at dinner. They are a common brunch menu item, and every restaurant prepares them a little bit differently, but most consist of tortillas, salsa, some kind of beans and a fried egg on top. The huevos rancheros in this photo are from Daisy Cafe in Madison. They add their own special twist by topping the tortilla with grilled local veggies.




Eggs In Tomato Sauce- I wasn’t sure about the idea of eggs and Italian-style tomato sauce, but the waitress at a brunch restaurant in Chicago encouraged me to try it and I’m glad I took her advice. Eggs and tomato sauce go surprisingly well together, and dipping the toasted bread in the sauce and runny egg yolk is a delicious way to start the day.





Marshmallow Eggs – Alright, these aren’t actual eggs but since we’re getting to the end of the blog post, let’s talk dessert! These marshmallow Easter eggs from Buddy Squirrel are a Wisconsin favorite. The giant chocolate eggs come in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, and ship nationwide from Wisconsinmade.com.




What’s your favorite way to enjoy eggs?