Food on a stick is all the rage at the Wisconsin State Fair outside Milwaukee. New to the stick-food line-up is chocolate covered bacon, reuben sandwiches, and even cherry pie. Of course the traditional favorites of corn dogs, caramel apples, and ice cream on a stick will still be spotted. But I’m just curious, are these newest stick foods a fad or do they have staying power? In 2050, will our grandchildren roam the State Fair nibbling cherry pie on a stick? Or perhaps by then lasagna sticks will be the popular fair food, or even kim-chi on a stick. How about soup sticks, granted it would have to be a hearty soup, say a chili , – chili beans on a stick with salsa? I think the possibilities are nearly infinite when imagination is ingeniously applied to food science. After all, look how far we’ve come from the original food on a stick: the poultry drumstick first enjoyed by our cave-dwelling ancestors. Our fair food future is wide open!

So what future food on a stick would you like to eat at the State Fair in 2050? And why is cotton candy no longer on a stick and now in a bag?