Christmas cookies  should be in Christmas colors.  True or False?

For decades I have believed True. Christmas cookies should be white (ish) with red, green, silver, or gold decorations. Blue Christmas decorations are a novelty to which I’ve adjusted. Mauve and black are horrors. 

The only exceptions I make for non-white Christmas cookies are for ginger cookies. But these too must adhere to my standard of either glistening with white sugar or being shaped as men… and decorated with red, green, and white icing.

Chocolate Christmas cookies are OUT. Chocolate is marvelous…for Easter, or served in truffle form anytime.

But as I age, my mind (and hips) broaden. I’ve begun to accept other people’s tradition of baking chocolate Christmas cookies. And I will eat them. However do not expect a chocolate Christmas cookie recipe from me.

Instead, keep reading for an absolutely scrumptious recipe for cranberry (chip) cookies that are perfect for Christmas and all other seasons! Included is a reflective explanation of why these cookies contain chocolate chips.

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