what-is-santas-favorite-cookie-1Families love leaving cookies and milk for Santa, which has me wondering, what is Santa’s favorite cookie? In order to make an educated guess on this, I did some Internet research about the history of leaving cookies and milk for Santa. According to SantaClaus.com, the first Christmas trees were decorated with apples, wafers and colorful cookies! Sometimes Santa would get hungry and take a bite of a cookie. Savvy children started to take note and began leaving Santa a plate of his own cookies so he didn’t have to resort to decoration munching. With this fascinating background information in mind, I’ve come up with a few ideas for Santa’s favorite cookies:

Sugar Cookies- Kids love decorating sugar cookies and, if I were Santa, I would be excited to see my face on cookies all over the world! Plus, the cookies Santa ate off the tree in the early days of the Christmas trees probably resembled sugar cookies.

Chocolate Chip- Chocolate chip cookies are the classic comfort cookie. Everyone loves it when their grandma makes them chocolate chip cookies, so I bet Santa has happy memories of chocolate chip cookies too!

Oreos- Oreo’s are America’s favorite cookie, so it’s a safe bet Santa loves these too, especially with a tall glass of cold milk! If Oreos are Santa’s favorite cookie, this opens up another mystery- does Santa dunk the whole oreo? Or does he eat the cream out of the center first?

what-is-santas-favorite-cookie-2Gingerbread Men- Gingerbread would also make a good ornament/cookie, so maybe Santa ate some of these off of a Christmas tree? Instead of leaving Santa a gingerbread man this year, I think I might make him a whole gingerbread house. I bet he’ll leave me some extra presents! Find out more about the history of gingerbread men in my Throwback Thursday Christmas Foods post.

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What kind of cookie do you think Santa likes best?