This week I have out-of-town guests staying at my house. They’ve been eating my cooking and now say they want to take me out to dinner. Rather than mull over the unspoken intentions prompting this friendly offer, I’ll consider to what Madison-area restaurant we should go. Tonight ours will be an adult group, so this expands my normal set of restaurant choices. It’s been awhile since I picked a restaurant on some other criteria than if it has a kid-menu in a kid-tolerant atmosphere. Oh, most Madison-area restaurants are kid-friendly, at least I think so; I may be wrong. Actually, I wouldn’t know. Perhaps you should read someone else’s blog if you’re looking for ultra-gourmet, 5-star, super-expensive restaurants. I rarely went to these even before I had kids. Or check out Madison Originals, a magazine that showcases both fine and relaxed dining in the Madison area. When I want a taste of Madison’s culinary stars, I make recipes from their Madison Originals Cookbook. I get haute cusine in my own kitchen.

No, my repertoire of Madison-area restaurants I like contains restaurants that are fairly simple, reasonably-priced, relaxing, and fun. Mine is a small list; I don’t go out much. (I’m busy trying new recipes for this blog.) But here are some restaurants I consider when I’m trying to choose where to go. Click on “Continue reading…” to read about them.

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