Last week the World Championship Cheese Contest happened in Madison, Wisconsin where Wisconsin cheese makers won 72 awards (31.2 %). Twenty-seven of these were for Best in Class! Check out The Cheese Underground for descriptions of the contest, and read‘s list of the winners.

An enjoyable, Wisconsin day-trip which entertains both kids and visiting relatives is a tour of a local cheese factory. Our family has had great fun touring the Roth Kase Company in Monroe, Wisconsin and the Cedar Grove Cheese factory in Plain, Wisconsin. Our tour guides, who were actually the cheese-makers themselves taking a break to talk with us, showed us step-by-step how they transform milk into the many different kinds of cheeses. Then of course we ate fresh samples of all the delicious varieties. 

Now I read that these companies won Best in Class awards in THE international cheese competition. I’m not surprised, I know their cheeses are excellent. But, it’s a bit like learning that your neighbor just won a beauty contest. You always knew she was a knock-out, but…well, she’s your neighbor. I think I’ve under-appreciated our local talent.


It’s time to wake up and taste the cheese!

So as we begin to plan fun summer get-aways, we’ve added artisan cheese factories to our list of sites to visit. I’ve ordered a free map from that shows the location of the artisan cheese makers in Wisconsin. lists all the cheese makers that give tours. And with our van packed with healthy travel snacks we’ll be ready to go! – as soon as the snow melts.

Meanwhile, I’ll be cooking with cheese. Madison’s Eldorado Grill is one of our favorite restaurants. It brings back tastes and memories from our years lived in Colorado. The Eldorado Grill’s Four Cheese Chiles Rellenos are excellent! I’m posting this rellenos recipe on the side-page MORE Recipes with Brats, Beer, and Cheese.

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