Make dinner, teach your kids to cook, stop siblings from squabbling, and host a happy children’s play-date all at the same time with a miracle food processor! This wonder machine does it all. In the hands of a savvy parent, a food processor brings household peace, child happiness, and dinner to the table. How do I know? Because a stroke of genius struck me from the kitchen heavens when my two children were once again squabbling over who got to play with the child friend who’d innocently arrived for a play-date.

I tried enforcing that old rule of children’s play-dates that says, “when a friend comes to play, everyone plays together; no one gets excluded.” But with an age and gender difference between my children, this rule failed to establish harmony. The older girls wanted to do “girly things” like talk and giggle in the privacy of my daughter’s bedroom. My young son wanted to tease and bother them. Sure, I could have played camp director and gotten everyone engaged in a group game, and I did for a while; we all played twister, dogs included. But as the play-date continued, I had to start preparing dinner. That’s when I brought out my miracle worker – the food processor. Keep reading to find out how I used a food processor to stop my kids from squabbling and make potato latkes (Jewish potato pancakes) and red cabbage.

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