Your kids want a St. Patrick’s Day party. All last week in school they made construction-paper leprechauns and rainbows. They added and subtracted stacks of play gold. They read stories about Ireland and Irish history. For kids, St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal; for you? well, maybe not so much. But are you going to let this holiday pass you by without a lucky smile? Are your burdens really so heavy that you can’t mix up some Irish magic? The answer is “no” as long as you remember to KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid.

The magic of children’s parties is their potential simplicity. I think it’s we jaded adults who believe parties must have an excess of special foods, decorations, certain music, and a quorum of people to qualify as a celebration. We go over-board in party preparations. No wonder we’re tired. No wonder we’re reluctant to throw a party when the next holiday comes around. Instead of decorations, we bring out excuses, “We’re not Irish, so we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.” Now if that sorrowful sentiment isn’t worthy of drowning in good Irish ale, I’m not sure what is.

One of the pleasures of being with children is watching them delight in whatever is new, different, or out-of-the-ordinary. All adults have to do is to change a little something and the fun will begin. For example, I thrilled my kids last week by moving the kitchen table into the family room while the kitchen floor was re-sanded. They think it incredibly fun to eat on a table moved seven feet from its original location. They’re pleading with me not to move it back. My kids make it easy for me to throw impromptu parties if I can just remember to KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.  So how do I KISS on St. Patrick’s Day? Click on “continue reading…” to see and to find recipes for corned beef, shepherd’s pie, and green and gold potatoes.

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