“If I were on a desert island and could only eat two foods, I’d choose these Halloween cookies and vanilla ice cream,” said my 10-year-old. And she said this while nibbling an un-frosted cookie that was brown and crispy as opposed to the majority which turned out that wonderful creamy color of the classic sugar cookie.  Children love sugar cookies! And this is why this sugar cookie recipe is introduced with, “Norwegian, Scottish, Irish, Bohemian, German –just about every European ethnic group that settled Wisconsin had some version of the sugar cookie.” The recipe, simply titled, Sugar Cookies, came from the cookbook, The Flavor of Wisconsin: An informal history of food and eating in the Badger state, written by Harva Hachten and Terese Allen.

To make these simple and delicious cookies fun for our children’s Halloween party, I frosted them with Helen Myhre’s “basic powdered sugar frosting” recipe from her Wisconsin cookbook, The Norske Nook: Farm recipes and food secrets from the Norske Nook, the Midwest’s #1 roadside cafe. Click on “Continue reading…” for these sugar cookie and frosting recipes.

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