Blue Moon Ice Cream Sampler Hitting a sentimental cord with your gifts is a sure way to make your recipient smile, and nothing stirs up happy memories better than childhood food. Thanks to the Internet, almost any food can be sent as a gift.  The birthday gift I just sent to my brother is a perfect example.

Growing up my brother was an obnoxiously picky eater.  He loved “PBJ”, and would eat PBJ for breakfast, and lunch.  For dinner, well, he needed something a bit more substantial. My mom is an excellent cook and made dinner most nights, but more often than not my brother would refuse to eat the lovingly prepared, healthy meal in exchange for a monster “double decker PBJ”.  Back to the present day, I’m browsing my usual food blogs and I find a post about PBJ in a can.  Perfect! I order a box of them and have them sent to my brother, now 22 and still picky as ever, who will be thrilled to have PBJ ready to eat at any time, day or night.  With only a few clicks I sent a gift of childhood food memories to my brother.  He hasn’t received it yet but I will update you when I hear about his reaction.

Hopefully your gift recipients have a slightly more sophisticated pallet than my brother, and will enjoy a food gift from For anyone connected to Wisconsin, is the mecca of childhood food gifts. Just a few examples of popular Wisconsin food gifts:

  • A favorite gift around Christmas time is Tom & Jerry Mix– people from the Midwest feel their holiday just isn’t complete without a warm, frothy cup of the comforting Tom & Jerry drink made from this mix.
  • Babcock Hall Ice Cream is hugely popular among University of Wisconsin graduates, and the blue moon flavor is a childhood favorite of many Wisconsinites.
  • Danish Kringle pastries are another Christmas time tradition, and these ship fresh from Wisconsin bakeries and make the perfect gift during the holidays or anytime.
  • Wisconsin gift baskets include a variety of Wisconsin goodies in case you can’t decide on just one.

What childhood food would you love to receive as a gift?