Need a fast, easy, low-fat chicken recipe that’s good enough to serve company? You likely already have some such recipe in your recipe box, but if you’re entertaining the same folks again, you might just want another. And here’s where I can help.

You see, I collect fast, easy, cook-at-the-last-minute recipes because last minute cooking is what I’m most practiced at. The skill isn’t by choice, but it developed out of necessity, or rather, self-defense.

Especially on weekends, dinner-cooking time sneaks up on me. Perhaps I’ve been stalked for hours, but I’ve been oblivious to temporal danger. I’ll be out in the garden or at the computer completely absorbed in some task when suddenly, I’m pounced on. Paralyzing realization that my guests will arrive in 30 minutes holds me in a death grip. Physical struggle is futile, and my desperate mind whips through memories of fast, easy dinners made in perils past.

Scrambling, I take rapid mental inventory of my freezer’s contents. If I’ve been a proactive shopper, boneless chicken breasts will be there. And if not, well, there are other frozen options but none quiet edible enough to serve adults. Through martial training I can half-defrost the chicken in the microwave while showering off garden dirt. Then, while standing wet in a towel, I will turn over the chicken. It finishes defrosting while I finish dressing. A few minutes later, we’re both ready to start cooking. If I’ve chosen the right recipe, dinner will meet its deadline. But the trick is in picking the right chicken recipe. Keep reading for my newly-found and delicious recipe for chicken with orange sauce.

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