Bratwurst! Some say beer, but bratwurst are the main attraction at Oktoberfest parties in Wisconsin.

Bratwurst and polka dancing, to be fair. While the bratwursts sizzle, the accordion bands fire up the festival-goers. Everybody twirls, skips, and wiggles. They work up a gigantic thirst, which they wash down with Oktoberfest beer, and a humongous appetite which they satisfy with German-style BRATWURSTS. 

Bratwurst, beer, and polka – they’re our Oktoberfest trio of fun.

We Wisconsinites used to polka dance like the pros, back a century or so ago. Polka rhythm and steps were passed down through the German families who first settled in Wisconsin. But somehow over the years, our polka dancing became less authentic, less true to its origins, – unlike our bratwursts. Wisconsin chefs still make bratwurst with traditional seasonings and methods. Unfortunately¬† our polka dancing didn’t fare so well.

Eventually, our traditional polka, which began as a variation of the waltz, transmuted into The Wisconsin Chicken Dance. How? Maybe it was all the beer. We lost our inhibitions and began dancing like barn animals. Or, more likely, it was all the bratwurst. Keep reading watch us dance, and check out the Wisconsin Oktoberfest schedule.

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