chewy-brownies-1 I accidentally discovered the secret to chewy brownies when I made  “bratwurst on the grill” brownies, an idea from Taste of Home Magazine.

My coworker Marilyn pointed out to me that she loves chewy brownies, and mine were chewy all the way around.  You’ve probably heard of those “As Seen on TV”, all-corners brownie pans. If you are a chewy brownie lover,  I’m here to tell you, don’t buy the over-priced pan! There is a cheaper and easier way to make chewy brownies and you probably have the key piece of equipment in your kitchen right now: the muffin tin.  By putting my brownie batter in a muffin tin, I made chewy brownies without even meaning too.  Not to mention the grill decorations make this the perfect dessert for your next brat cookout. To make your own, just follow these simple steps:

  • Take some brownie batter (from a box or from scratch- it’s up to you) and fill greased muffin cups most of the way and bake as instructed on the box/in the recipe.
  • After the brownies have baked and cooled, top each brownie with red or orange sugar sprinkles (these are the glowing coals).
  • Use black icing to make lines for the grill grate. I used the little tubes of gel you find in the baking section of the grocery store.
  • Top each grill with three Hot Tamale candies.
  • Make grill marks on your Hot Tamale bratwurst.  I found that using the icing straight out of the tube made the line too thick. Instead, squirt out a bit of icing on to a plate and run a toothpick through it, then run the toothpick over the candy three times to make the grill marks.

For a winter brownie decoration, visit my Snowy Wisconsin Brownies post.

What brownie do you prefer? The edge, the middle, or the corner?