Cherry food probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin cuisine.  Most people think of cheese, bratwurst, and maybe cranberries, but Door County Wisconsin grows about 5% of the USA’s cherry crop each year. Not only are cherry foods delicious but they are nutritious as well. According to the Wisconsin Cherry Growers Association,a diet rich in cherry food can combat major heart disease risk factors.  Eating cherries has been linked to lower body fat, decreased inflammation, and lower cholesterol. Here are a few yummy ways to get more cherries in your daily diet.

Cherry Juice Cherry Juice– Only one ounce of cherry juice provides enough antioxidants to meet nutritionist’s recommendation of daily consumption, so drink up for an easy way to meet your cherry needs.

Dried Cherries Dried Cherries– Dried cherries are perfect to sprinkle on salads or munch as a healthy snack. Door County cherries, available at, come sweetened or in a “no sugar added tart” variety.



Cherry Salsa– Want to spice up your cherries? Try some sweet and tangy cherry salsa.

Cherry Ice Cream– Maybe not the healthiest cherry food, but definitely yummy and refreshing on a hot summer’s day, Mad Grad Medley ice cream is a decadent combination of Door Country cherry infused vanilla ice cream with chocolate chocolate chips.  This flavor is only available online at for a limited time.

Cherry Bratwurst– Incased in a bratwurst may not be the healthiest way to eat cherries, but this is Wisconsin after all and we make bratwurst in about every variety you can think of, even pizza bratwrust, so it’s no surprised we brought cherries and brats together.

Cherry Cook Book– Need more cherry ideas? This cookbook is full of sweet and savory cherry recipes.