Nueske bacon is a favorite among Wisconsinites, but it’s also popular among famous chefs including Rick Bayless, Masaharu Morimoto and Rolland Possat. So chefs specializing in Japanese, Mexican and French cuisine are all using the same applewood smoked bacon. It’s sort of like an episode of Iron Chef and Nueske bacon is the secret ingredient. Let’s find out what each chef came up with.

Chef Rolland Possat is a French chef and owner of La Folie restaurant in San Francisco. Chef Possat tackles the dish that strikes fear into the hearts of chefs: the souffle. His souffle includes cream cheese, butter, edam cheese, and a sprinkle of diced Nueske bacon on top. At his restaurant, he serves it with a scoop of onion sorbet. You can find the souffle recipe and more information about the chef at

Chef Masaharu Morimoto has an advantage in this imaginary game since he is not only a chef from Iron Chef America, but was also an Iron Chef on the original Japanese version of the show. The New Times in Palm Beach, Florida reported that Morimoto was in town for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival, where he cooked up a Waygu beef and Nueske bacon burger with comet cheese, watercress, pickled shallots, garlic and smoked tomato aioli on ciabatta bread.

┬áChef Rick Bayless is the owner of Frontera Grill in Chicago, which has a little brother restaurant called Tortas Frontera in O’Hare airport. If Rick Bayless’s name doesn’t catch your eyes, the list of local ingredients on the menu in an airport probably will. The menu includes a variety of tortas, Mexican grilled sandwiches, including the Cubano: smoked pork, Nueske bacon, black beans, Mexican cheese, cilantro crema, chipotle mustard, and avocado. If you have an early morning flight, Nueske bacon is on the breakfast menu as well.

Which Nueske bacon preperation would you most like to eat? How do you cook and serve your Nueske bacon?