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Touring Wisconsin Food

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5 Things You’ll Need for a Cheese Party (Besides Wisconsin Cheese)

Enjoy some sophisticated fun by throwing a Wisconsin cheese party! You can impress your guests with yummy cheese pairings that they never thought would work, and introduce them to the fabulous world of Wisconsin cheese. Once you’ve picked out your favorite Wisconsin cheeses, consider these non-cheese party essentials.

5-things-cheese-party-1Something To Drink- When you think of drinks at a cheese party, the first beverage that comes to mind is wine, but think outside the cork for your cheese party! Beer, cocktails, and even a sip of whiskey make perfect pairs for cheese. Visit to find out what cheese pairs well with each beverage.







5-things-cheese-party-2A Way to Display Your Cheese- A cheese party hostess can express her creativity by coming up with a beautiful cheese display. I like the idea of using a Wisconsin shaped cutting board as a cheese tray. This will remind your guests where the best cheese comes from. This particular cutting board has free standard shipping from now until April 15, 2013, so get yours today.





5-things-cheese-party-3Preserves – Wisconsin is home  to hundreds of artisans who make cheese, as well as artisans that make tasty foods to go with cheese. The husband and wife team at Quince and Apple make a variety of preserves including Fig and Black Tea, Shallot Confit, and Orange Marmalade flavors that are exceptionally delicious when dolloped on top of of a slice of cheese.





5-things-cheese-party-4Crackers- Keep your entire cheese party Wisconsin-made with crackers by Potter’s Crackers. If you’re a regularly blog reader, you’ve probably heard me rave about Potter’s Crackers before. Be warned: once you try Potter’s Crackers all other crackers will be inferior.  You won’t find the fresh baked taste of Potter’s Crackers in just any cracker box at the grocery store.





5-things-cheese-party-5Summer Sausage- These sausages take cheese and crackers to the next level, so it’s no wonder they often get a place of honor in Wisconsin cheese gift baskets. Despite the name, summer sausages are available year round for picnics, snacks and most importantly, cheese parties! To learn more about summer sausage, check out my What is Summer Sausage? blog post.



What’s your favorite cheese pairing?



Spotted Cow Image (via)

Cheese Pairings: Be the Cheesemonger

Wiscoinsin Cheese Cheesemongers have one of the coolest jobs in the world.  What’s a cheesemonger you ask? A Cheesemonger works at a cheese shop and learns everything there is to know about cheese- how it tastes, how it is made, what foods and drinks go well with each cheese- everything and anything to help cheese lovers enjoy the best possible cheese experience.  Recently I helped gather in-depth cheese information for and I discovered how much fun it is to learn about the wonderful world of cheese.  I enjoyed playing Cheesemonger so much, I thought I would give my Edible Antics readers a turn!

The information I gathered is for a Cheese Information page which was added to‘s Cheese Department to make it even cheesier! The new addition includes descriptions of the different cheese varieties, tips for buying and storing cheese, bios of cheesemakers, answers to you frequently asked cheese questions and more. Only one element is missing- our cheese pairings section is completely blank.  I look at it as a blank canvas and YOU are holding the paint brush.  Comment on this post with YOUR favorite cheese pairings (food or drink) and we will list them on  The cheese pairings can be fancy and specific like Ader Kase Blue Cheese and a glass of Cabernet, or it can be simple and general like apples and cheddar. You can visit my previous blog post on cheese pairings for more examples, but get creative and don’t be shy, today you’re the Cheesemonger.

Post your favorite cheese pairings below or “Like” on Facebook where we will be discussing a new cheese each week.

Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.


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