Party hosts should decide on the perfect cheese pairing since Wisconsin gourmet cheeses deserve to be the star of the show.  To really appreciate cheese, serve it as an appetizer or cheese course (before dessert), and pair the cheese with an expertly matched beverage.  Here are a few of my favorite Wisconsin cheeses and the drink that each cheese gets along with the best.

1) Cheddar – Try this Wisconsin favorite with some sparkling cider- it’s a grown up version of a childhood favorite: cheese and apples. Other tasty beverage options include, Bourbon, Merlot, Red Zinfandel, and Pinot Gris.

2) Blue Cheese -Blue cheese needs a bold beverage that can stand up to its assertive flavor like a chocolate stout.  A flavorful red wine (Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon) or a cocktail with Gin would also pair nicely.

3) Gouda – A classy cheese needs a classy beverage and gouda pairs nicely with Champagne.  Gouda can also play it casual with most beers including pale ales, lagers, stouts, and  porters.

4) Baby Swiss– The delicate flavor of a baby swiss goes best with a white wine such as Zinfandel. For the beer drinkers, try a weiss beer or a lager.

5) Feta -A tangy feta pairs well with a sweet wine like a Riesling, and like baby swiss, its best beer options are a weiss beer, lager, or even a pilsner.

To learn more about Wisconsin cheese varieities, check out’s Cheese Information.  The pairing ideas came from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board website, which is a helpful resource for cheese entertaining tips.