month-club1Month Clubs make excellent gifts since your recipient will be reminded of you each month when a gift arrives.  I noticed my coworker loves hot sauce, and I needed to find her a wedding gift.  I decided to get her a Hot Sauce of the Month Club gift, but unfortunately every Hot Sauce Club I found came up short! I had high expectations from seeing the month clubs at and couldn’t find a Hot Sauce of the Month Club that met all of my requirements. Here is a list of qualities to look for in a month club:

1.  A list of the gifts you will be getting each month. Many of the clubs I looked at didn’t tell me what gift would arrive each month. In the case of the Hot Sauce Club, I was left with unanswered questions. Does the club start with the mildest sauce and get hotter? Or does each month have a hot sauce assigned to it?  The Cheese of the Month Club, on the other hand, has a cheese for each month, and you can cleary see what cheese will come each month of the year before you order.

2. A welcome letter. At, we send out a welcome letter to all month club recipients as soon as we receive the order.  This makes the month clubs a perfect last minute gift, because the letter will usually arrive to the recipient’s home within a few days of the order being placed.   The  letter tells the recipient that they are signed up for the month club and should expect a gift each month.

3. A place to include a gift message. has spoiled me because any gift I send from allows me to include a gift message, which in the case of the month clubs, is included in the welcome letter. Some online stores don’t even have the option of a gift message, which I find frustrating.  How will the recipient know who the gift is from?

4. Information about when the month club will take a break. Some food month clubs, like the Cheese of the Month Club, take a break during the summer months if it is too hot to ship, make sure you look for this information when ordering.

5. A phone number to call.  Many online stores hide their phone number and when you do finally locate it, you get connected to someone in foreign country who is hard to understand.  Not the case at! Our phone number right on the top of the website. Oh, and it’s also right here: 1-877-947-6233.  All of our customer service representatives are located in Wisconsin.  Since we’re month club professionals, there probably won’t be any problems with your month club, but just in case, help is only a phone call away.

In the meantime, I’m going to start tracking down 12 hot sauces from Wisconsin so I can create a Hot Sauce of the Month Club the right way!

Looking to send a month club this holiday season? Browse all of the month clubs available at