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How to Send Wisconsin Cheese, Even In the Summer

As the food blogger for the online gourmet food store, I know a thing or two about shipping cheese. In the cheese gift business, we say that cheese goes “out of season” in the summer. This means most of the cheeses we ship from are marked “temporarily unavailable” or require expedited shipping. With the cost of gas these days, expedited shipping might meet or exceed the cost of your cheese, but never fear, there are a few options for Wisconsin cheese lovers who want to ship cheese out-of-state in the summer without breaking the bank.

Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage Combo

You’ve heard of pairing wine and cheese, but what about pairing sausage and cheese? Leave it to the smoked meat experts at Nueske to come up with this one. This cheese and sausage gift comes with mild cheddar, colby, an all-beef summer sausage, and a beef and pork summer sausage. Best of all, it comes packed in a heavy duty cooler to ensure safe travels even in the summertime.





A Taste of Wisconsin Cheese Sampler

This funtastic cow gift box is filled with cheeses from the cheese gurus at Roth Kase. The Wisconsin cheese varieties include: havarti, smoked gouda, smoked cheddar and gruyere. They also added some mustard, a sausage and crackers to ensure this gift box includes everything you need for a gourmet cheese platter.







Golden Age Cheese Gift Box

At we have had many requests for wooden cheese gift boxes, and when we found Harmony Specialty Dairy foods was filling them with blocks of their gourmet British-style cheese, we knew we found a winner! These beautifully packaged cheese gifts have shipping included in the price, so even in the summer you can send a taste of Wisconsin cheese to friends and family.







Havarti, Dill Havarti, Cheese Curd and String Cheese Gift Box

Introducing the snack, the myth, the legend, the cheese curd! This gift box from Decatur Dairy includes their award winning havarti, dill havarti, and string cheese, but the cheese curds steal the show. These amorphous bites of cheese are often unheard of outside of American’s Dairyland, but thanks to, they ship nationwide all year long.


British Cheese Invasion Rocks Wisconsin

Harmony Cheese Harmony Specialty Dairy Foods makes British cheeses like abergele, caerphilly, double gloucester and chesire right here in Wisconsin. I know my brick cheese from my colby cheese, but I still need some practice telling my abergele from my cheshire, so I made this quick guide to British cheese.

Abergele –This moist, tangy, creamy cheese often comes flavored.  Harmony likes to flavor their British cheese with portabella and chive, cranberry and orange, or Indian spices like garam masala and tandoori masala.

 Caerphilly-The full flavor and sweet honey notes of the Caerphilly makes it a standout addition to a cheese tray. The cheese has a white color and a firm yet crumbly texture. You can also crumble it on soups and salads.

Double Gloucester- The Double Gloucester is similar to a cheddar.It has a rich flavor and a smooth and hard texture.

Cheshire- A silky and crumbly cow’s milk cheese with a rich, full-bodied flavor.

British cheese makes a yummy gift for the holidays, birthdays or just for fun. Pick your four favorite flavors from the varieties mentioned above and send them in a Golden Age cheese gift box  or get one of each in an authentic wooden cheese box. Your taste buds will thank you!

Cheese information coutesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

5 Things To Do With Juusto

Juusto oven baked cheese Now that you know all about Juusto , you need ideas for how to eat it.  Between the suggestions I received from Facebook and Twitter  friends to the ideas from the cheesemakers at Pasture Pride Cheese, I have more ideas than I can fit in just one post.  So here is a list – you know how I love my top five lists– of ways to enjoy Juusto with minimal cooking. I’ll test out some of the more cooking intensive (but still easy of course) recipes at home and report back in future posts, but for now enjoy these simple preparations. All of these ideas taste best with warmed Juusto- to warm it, place it in a skillet, microwave or oven for a few minutes.

1. Breakfast- Drizzle warmed Juusto with honey, maple syrup, or jam– you get bonus points if your drizzle is made in Wisconsin! Enjoy the Juusto with your morning coffee.  Some cheeselovers even dip it in the coffee, yum!

2. Appetizer- Cut the warmed Jalapeno Juusto in to strips and serve with salsa– no one will miss the chips!

3. Pizza Lover’s Delight- Cut warmed Juusto into strips. Dunk the strips in pizza sauce.  Kids will love this one, especially with Italian flavored Juusto.

4. Go Vegetarian- This is probably my favorite Juusto tip! Use in the place of meat for a real cheeseburger.  Warm up a burger sized hunk of Juusto then put it on a bun with your favorite burger toppings.

5.Go Low-Carb- Take a full piece of Juusto and carefully slice it in half so you have two thin peices that are the same size as the original piece. Use the cheese as your bread- add mustard and ham for a low-carb ham sandwich.

What is Juusto?

Juusto Cheese Juusto is a versatile cheese that cheeselovers enjoy as a snack, an appetizer, and even for breakfast. Juusto originated in Finland, but cheesemakers in Wisconsin -the land of all foods awesome and cheesy- make an excellent Juusto as well.  Cheesemakers pre-bake slice-like slabs of cheese in an oven until they develop a golden brown color.  The sliced shape earned Juusto the nickname bread cheese.

Pasture Pride Dairy in Chaston, Wisconsin produces several flavors of bread cheese including Jalapeno, Chipotle, and Italian. The diary also makes a Juusto variety with goat’s milk which they call – get ready!- Guusto. Whether the milk is from a goat or a cow, you can be sure that your Juusto is made with the best quality milk available.  Amish farmers supply Pasture Pride with the finest milk- cow’s milk contains no BGH, and the milk is shipped to the dairy daily for the freshest possible cheese.  How do you eat Juusto? Well…I’ll save that for another blog post, but let’s just say, you don’t want to eat this cheese cold.  Juusto is made to be warmed until melted and delicious.  Check back soon for a post with tips on how to best enjoy Juusto.

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