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Food On A Stick: Blogger Successfully Predicts Stick Food Future

The Wisconsin State Fair is going on right now, and I was looking back at past blog posts and I found this one from 2009 by my fellow blogger Cristie. She contemplated the future of food on the stick at the WIsconsin State Fair:

Food on a Stick at the Wisconsin State Fair: What’s the Stick Food of the Future?

Food on a stick is all the rage at the Wisconsin State Fair outside Milwaukee. New to the stick-food line-up is chocolate covered bacon, reuben sandwiches, and even cherry pie. Of course the traditional favorites of corn dogs, caramel apples, and ice cream on a stick will still be spotted. food-on-a-stick-1 But I’m just curious, are these newest stick foods a fad or do they have staying power? In 2050, will our grandchildren roam the State Fair nibbling cherry pie on a stick? Or perhaps by then lasagna sticks will be the popular fair food, or even kim-chi on a stick. How about soup sticks, granted it would have to be a hearty soup, say a chili , – chili beans on a stick with salsa? I think the possibilities are nearly infinite when imagination is ingeniously applied to food science. After all, look how far we’ve come from the original food on a stick: the poultry drumstick first enjoyed by our cave-dwelling ancestors. Our fair food future is wide open!

So what future food on a stick would you like to eat at the State Fair in 2050? And why is cotton candy no longer on a stick and now in a bag?







So it’s not 2050 but it is three whole years later and the food on a stick phenomenon that surrounds the Wisconsin State Fair is stronger than ever. Here are some crazy stick foods on the list for this year’s fair:

Chili Cheese Dog- When Cristie wrote this post she wasn’t too far off with her prediction of chili on a stick. This year Saz Rib’s is serving up a chili cheese dog on a stick. Who knew that Cristie is a culinary psychic?

Deep Fried Cream Cheese with Bacon – Leave it to Wisconsin to find yet another way to deep fry cheese.

Chicken Courdon Bleu – I wonder how the French would feel if they knew we were deep frying their culinary classic and putting it on a stick?

In other food on a stick news, check out this crazy concoction my boyfriend Phil and I tried at a farm picnic I attended: tempura fried, bacon wrapped cheese curds on a stick!

What’s the craziest food on a stick that you’ve ever tried?





Fat Tuesday: 5 Ways To “Pig Out” Before Lent

Birthday Cake Fat Tuesday sure is a perfect name for today, the last day before Lent.  Many people give up a certain indulgence for the 40 days of Lent- popular choices are chocolate, soda, meat…so Fat Tuesday is the day to pig out on all of those goodies before the sacrifice starts.  In honor of Fat Tuesday, here are five of Wisconsin’s most indulgent, guilty pleasure foods.  If you happen to be fasting by the time you read this, I apologize. Put your email address in on the right under my picture so you can receive updates as soon as I post!

1. Chocolate Eclairs-  Eclairs are a sinful food in general, but the eclairs from O&H Bakery bring gluttony to a whole new level.  As big as your hand and with 1/2 an inch of chocolate frosting, one of these monster eclairs can feed a small family.

2. Bacon Burgers- You’ve heard of bacon on a burger, but now there’s bacon IN a burger.  As if the delicious apple wood smoked Nueske bacon wasn’t tempting enough, now it’s mixed in with juicy beef.

3. Fried Cheese Curds–  Can I go ONE post without talking about cheese curds? I guess not.  I’ll keep it simple- if fried cheese curds are wrong, I don’t want to be right.  For more info on curds check out: What’s a Cheese Curd? and 5 Things to Do With a Cheese Curd.

Turtle Cheesecake 4. Gourmet Turtle Cheesecake– I think it’s ok to eat this one during Lent because it’s made by Cheesecake Heaven.  This rich creamy cheesecake (pictured at top left) is topped with gooey caramel, crunchy nuts and chocolate chips, yum!

5.Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream–  The side of the carton says “Nutrition Information: Don’t even ask.  If you want healthy, eat carrots.”.  Hmm, so if I don’t know about the calories they don’t count, right?




What’s A Cheese Curd?

Cheese Curds

I had never heard of a cheese curd until I was on my way to Wisconsin for the first time.  When my friend Theresa heard I was making a trip to the Badger State, she asked me to bring her back some cheese curds.  This brought up many questions.  What’s a cheese curd? Does it come in a box? Where do I shop for them? Theresa laughed at my lack of cheese curd knowledge, and told me you can get them in the cheese section at most groceries stores in Wisconsin, or even at the airport, and  the curds come in plastic bags.

Yet she couldn’t really explain to me what a cheese curd is.  The answer to my next question, “What do they taste like?” caused even more confusion- “They squeak!” she replied.

Now that I work for a website that ships cheese curds nationwide, I have had some practice at explaining what a cheese curd is.  At one point in the cheese making process, cheese makers have “curds” the solid part of the cheese, and “whey” the liquid part of the cheese.   When you eat cottage cheese, you are eating the curds AND the whey, like Little Ms Muffet (although I still have no idea what a tuffet is….that’s another blog post.)  The cheese curds you get in the grocery store are those solid parts of the cottage cheese, just bigger, bite size chunks.

The squeakiness is a bit harder to explain.  A fresh cheese curd should squeak when you chew it.  It sounds like you are chewing on a ballon, but tastes much, MUCH better.  I promise.

Next blog post: 5 Things to Do With a Cheese Curd.

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