Be happy sugar cookies Whether your friend is going through a tough time or maybe you haven’t spoken to an old buddy in awhile, here are a few ideas to help you cheer up a friend in honor of National Cheer Up the Lonely Day, which is today, July 11th.

1.  Start the day off right. Does your pal at work seem down lately? Grab his favorite fancy coffee drink on the way to work for a special surprise that will keep him perky and cheerful.  Or surprise the whole office with some tasty breakfast treats to share.  The office here at always perks up when we have a Kringle to snack on.  One of my co-workers even asked for a Kringle instead of birthday cake.

2.  Give a gift that reminds her of home. Do you have a friend that recently moved? Or is your pal always reminiscing about her home state? Any gift will do to make her smile, but a regional gift will bring back fond memories of home.  A friend or family member from Wisconsin will be sure to enjoy a selection of Wisconsin cheeses like this sausage and cheese sampler gift.

3.  Chocolate (enough said).  Some doctors say that chocolate contains chemicals that can elevate your mood. The toffee, pecans, and caramel candies in this chocolate stuffed gift basket don’t have scientific evidence to back them up, but they are still sure to bring smiles.

4.  Brighten up the living space. Give a gift that will bring daily cheer into your friend’s home.  This bright sunflower sun catcher will make a friend’s day sunnier every time she sees it.

5.  Get lost in a movie together. A movie makes a great escape from the stresses of everyday life.  Add a friend and some freshly popped popcorn to triple the fun factor.

Be careful because cheering up a friend can have unintended consequences- you might cheer yourself up in the process.