‘What’ve we got?’ I asked Dad as we drove the kids to Marley and Me.

“There’s some bacon, and a few eggs in the ‘fridge. I’ve got bagels in the freezer,” he said.

“And you’ve got orange juice,” I added.

“Yes, O.J. and coffee.”

“Then we’re set,” I confirmed. “We’ll just pick up more eggs after the movie.”

That’s how Dad  and I planned the menu for a brunch party we were hosting the next morning.

Dad and I take partying in stride. We love parties. Wednesday we were both at New Year’s Eve parties. Thursday we recuperated. Friday Dad hosted a 40-people dinner party at his house; no sweat – it was pot-luck and my cousins did the dishes. After today’s movie we were on our way to dine with more cousins. That’s why we couldn’t accept the neighbor’s invitation for cocktails this evening. So we invited her for brunch tomorrow. And if we were to entertain the neighbor on one side why not invite the neighbors on the other side? So we did. They were coming at 11:30.

At 9:45 the next morning, I was wishing I’d thought to pick up a pie crust and cream; then I’d make some quiche and it would be baking in the oven while I talked with our friends. But, we’d stick to plan A: bacon, scrambled eggs, and toasted bagels. Remember, fancy is never an essential ingredient for a good party. 

But I did have a secret ingredient. I had 1st-place World Championship, 2-year aged Wisconsin white cheddar cheese in the crisper. That’s how Dad and I turned ordinary into extraordinary.  

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