Salty and sweet snacks are some of my favorite foods, and I have a theory about why. The foods that taste the best have contrast. For example:

Chips and Dip- crunchy and creamy

Brownie Sundaes- cold ice cream and hot brownie

Anything salty and sweet!

Next time you’re looking for a fabulous Wisconsin treat, consider some of these salty and sweet foods:

Vanilla Salted Caramel Whoopie Pies – We know our dairy in Wisconsin, so you can bet the buttercream filling in these homemade Whoopie Pies tastes outstanding. Enjoy the salty and sweet combination of vanilla and salted caramel or try other fun whoopie pie flavors like mint chocolate or red velvet.


Chocolate Turtle Terrapins – When you hear about Kohler, Wisconsin you probably think of golf, not chocolate. This will change once you try salty and sweet chocolate turtle terrapins by Kohler Chocolates. The chefs at the American Club decided to make the best turtle terrapin in the world. When the staff and guests taste tested the chef’s creations, they agreed it was the best turtle they had ever tasted. Kohler Chocolates have a limited distribution, but you can find them on


Sea Salt Caramels – The sea salt caramels are the only salty and sweet treat that made my list that actually has visible salt on top, but don’t worry, these decadent caramels have just the right amount of salty to sweet ratio. Hand crafted by the candy experts of Sweettrio in Grafton, Wisconsin these dark and milk chocolate caramels make a perfect gift for any caramel fan.


Gourmet Trail Mix -Another regional favorite food in Wisconsin is cranberries. In fact, we prefer dried cranberries in our trail mix instead of the traditional raisins. This gourmet trail mix by Urban Processing puts your average store tail mix to shame. In fact, Wisconsin brides like to leave bags of it as snacks for out of town guests during their wedding.