St. Patricks Day foods don’t all come from Ireland, some of them are made in Wisconsin. Check out these five St. Patricks Day sweet treats.



Potato Candy– It looks like a potato, but no spuds were harmed in the making of these candies. They are butter cream coated in cinnamon. This would be a fun treat for kids to take to school on St. Patrick’s Day, IF you can get them to share.




Decorated Sugar Cookies– These shamrock cookies are hand decorated with by Wisconsin bakers. The Facebook fans voted that these were their favorite St. Patricks Day Cookies. The other St. Patricks Day cookies are green with envy! See for yourself in the St. Patrick’s Day gift department.





Pot of Gold Cookies – Are you more of a homemade cookies fan? Fire up your oven and visit this retro blog post for instructions on how to make these edible gold coins. This pot of gold is so convicing you might attract some leprechauns.





Gourmet Apples– Gourmet, handdipped chocolate apples from Amy’s Apples are a must try. Not only are these apples beautifully decorated, but they are huge! They can feed up to six people.





Whoopie Pies- Mint chocolate should be the offical flavor of St. Patrick’s Day food. Two soft chocolate cakes plus a generous helping of minty green filling make these whoopie pies a favorite among the Irish, and everyone’s Irish on St. Patricks Day!