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Favorite Recipes of 2010

As 2010 comes to an end, everyone seems to be reminiscing about their yearly favorites: favorite news stories, favorite YouTube videos,  and here at Edible Antics we’re thinking about our favorite recipes! Narrowing them down to 10 favorites wasn’t easy, but I hope you like the tasty results of the first half of our favorite recipes list.

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Cake Decorating, Raising Animals, and Carnival Rides – Ways We Teach Children Life Skills

I think we trick our kids. We lure them with sweet flavors, bright colors, and creamy, soft textures to make them learn the hard skills life requires. At least, that was my impression after seeing the fun, elaborately-creative cake decorations on display at the Dane County Fair in Madison, WI. cake-decorating-1Children in 4-H clubs throughout the county competed for prize ribbons in cake decorating by artistically coating pieces of Styrofoam with colored frosting. The designs they painted on their simulated cakes, cookies, and cupcakes celebrate our life-changing moments and major holidays, -birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, harvest time, Christmas, and even April Fool’s Day -that day we play tricks on each other and laugh.cake-decorating-2

Recalling my own efforts to make King Lingonberry and a spiced nose cake made me appreciate the skills these children exercised in creating their masterpieces. First, the children had to choose the occasion they wished to celebrate and then look inward to tap their unique creativity. They needed to imagine, in fine detail, each colorful image they wished to paint. Then they had to plan exactly how to re-produce that image in frosting. Construction of the imagined final product had to be translated backward into a step-by-step series of actions. The tools needed to be gathered, – the workplace organized.

Then, for most, the hard work began. Any ease in seeing something gave way to the challenge of making it. Eyes, brain, muscles, hands, -the whole body had to coordinate its movements to precisely layer the frosting. Mistakes inevitably happened. Frustrated emotions were curbed and problem-solving practiced. How could the mistake be fixed? If it couldn’t, then how could the design be changed to turn the blemish into an asset? Distractions occurred and had to be ignored, -attention continually redirected to the task, hour after hour. Each child gave a day of his or her life to creating the Styrofoam cakes on display at the fair.

Elsewhere in the Exhibition Center and outside in the fairground barns, children were practicing other life skills. They were grooming and showing the animals they had spent months raising. Some children showed their pet cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Others showed commercial livestock, -their beef and dairy cattle, pigs, sheep, lamas, goats, and poultry. The children were tested not only on the physical condition of their animals, but on their own skills in showmanship.

I watched the nervous intensity that the children focused on their animals,-readying them in the stalls, and showing them in the ring. This was serious business. Months of daily labor would be judged over the course of a few minutes.

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Give What You Need! – A Spice Cake Recipe To Humor the Nose

What follows is a winding explanation of why I made a spice cake in the shape of a nose. If you’re anxious for a recipe for a delicious, fragrant, scrumptious, and unusual spice cake, click on’s recipe for Slimm and Nunne Mustard Spice Cake. If you want to know how to form the cake into the shape of a nose, keep reading.nose-cake-1 

This nose cake resulted from a perfect storm of disconnected ideas. The strongest idea was this: Give What You Need.

Yes, it’s true, the surest way to get what you need is to give it. I thought I got this idea from my friend, Jean. But Jean swears she got it from me. She also swears it works. Once the son of a neighbor badly needed $200 and asked Jean for it. Jean’s family was financially strapped at the time. She hesitated, but remembered, “Give what you need”, so she said, “here goes,” and gave him the money. Two weeks later Jean received an unexpected win-fall of nearly $1000. She’s a believer now.

Yesterday, I asked myself, “What could I write in a blog post that a potential reader might actually need?” Of course, the real question is “What might a reader need that I have the means to give?” Clueless, I fell back on the question, “What do I need?” My instant answer? “I need a laugh!” Yes, troubles were weighing me down. Time to pull out the humor from somewhere – ANYWHERE! And I didn’t have to look far – just to the end of my nose.

After brief deliberation, I concluded that the nose is the most humorous part of the human body. Noses make people laugh – especially when they’re looked at UP-CLOSE. Study people’s noses and you’ll recognize how many humorous shapes, colors, and sizes noses come in. Being the first part of the body to arrive anywhere, noses are the parts that get caught up in things, – such as in mechanical appliances and flying pies. And this can be very funny. When the Three Stooges pull each other’s noses, people laugh.

Yes, I must write a post featuring ‘The Nose’. The nose is a critical topic of a reputable food blog. Aroma always precedes taste! Therefore, the nose is the great chef’s indispensable aid. And what better way to celebrate ‘the nose’ than with an aromatic spice cake! In fact, two weeks ago I happened upon a spice cake recipe at work which I filed in the back of my mind to try. Why not try it now! 

The plan was cinched when I realized that ‘nose’ begins with ‘n’ and ‘o’. These letters should have been celebrated two weeks ago in our should-be-once-a-week alphabet party designed to ready my preschooler for kindergarten. So I asked 5-year-old Dave, “Do you know what ‘N-O’ spell?” He shook his head and said, “No.”

“That’s right!” I cheered. “‘N-O’ spells ‘NO’!” So tickled that his reply had made a joke, Dave had to tell me the joke over and over again to make sure I got it. Yes, we wrung the humor out of that one. Then I told him that it was time for our ‘N’ & ‘O’ party and since ‘n-o’ are the first letters in ‘nose’ we would make a ‘nose cake’. Seemed logical to him. 5-year-olds are wonderful.

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