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Soda Cake Recipe

soda-cake-recipe-1 Soda cake is all the rage lately, mostly amoung dieters who use diet soda to make a lower calorie cake. But who says you can’t make your soda cake with regular soda? No one! The flavor combinations are endless- yellow cake mix with rootbeer, chocolate cake mix with orange soda, white cake mix with cream soda…I could keep going.  This soda cake also makes a great birthday cake for your soda loving friends.  Have a buddy who loves Sprecher’s rootbeer? Bake them a rootbeer cake for their birthday party. Continue reading to see the ridiculously easy soda cake recipe.

Soda Cake Recipe


1 box of cake mix

1 egg

12oz can/bottle of soda, Recommended: Blumer’s Premium Soda (picture below)

1. Mix these ingredients together to make your cake batter, then bake according to package directions.

2. Top with your favorite store bought icing and sprinkles!



  • Use only these ingredients! No oil- just egg, soda, and cake mix.
  • For the lighter version, use diet soda and 1 egg white in place of the egg and soda.
  • Be aware that white cake mix will be the color of the soda.  So if you use a blue soda and white cake mix, your cake will be blue…I’m not generally a fan of blue food but if you are, go for it!

 Rootbeer, orange, blueberry cream, black cherry, cream soda, diet root beer… so many options!


Earth Day 2010: What Earth Day Means To Kids And How Kids Bake Earth Cakes to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day 2010 is in two days. My kids have been talking about celebrating Earth Day with plans to eat dirt cake and dig for worms (gummy worms that is – in the cake). But is this all Earth Day is to kids? Yet another excuse to consume white sugar? I’m becoming pathetically disillusioned. I asked 10-year-old Lauren how else will she celebrate Earth Day. Ever fashion-conscious, she said, “I will wear a blue shirt, green shorts, and black sneakers.”

 But what does Earth Day mean?” I questioned.

Lauren replied, “Earth Day means you should celebrate the Earth, pick up trash, and think about trees”. I listened but held my tongue. I was thinking about how the Earth is primarily covered in water. I bet dolphins don’t celebrate Earth Day by thinking about trees. I was also remembering how yesterday the kids built a club house in the back yard and left trash all around it. Well, good works must start at home.

I turned to my 7-year-old and ask him the meaning of Earth Day. Dave shrugged sheepishly at the question. He answered, “I don’t know…trees.” He’s not an aquatic mammal either.

“So how do you want to celebrate Earth Day?” I asked.

“Eat cake with a tree on it!” he cried.

Resigned to go with the flow, I sighed and asked, “Do you want to bake one?”

Dave gave lots of enthusiastic nods and smiles. He was all over this one, -ready to start baking his Earth Day cake now. Of course, Lauren immediately whined, “But I want to bake an Earth Day cake too!” This call and response is the usual chorus in my house. Whatever one kid decides to do, the other must do as well.

“So what kind of cake do you want to bake?” I questioned, figuring I’d let him take a little responsibility for this Earth Day effort. “What will you put in it?”

“Two lemons!” he grinned.


“Yes. And I’ll squirt orange in.”

“What else?”

Keep reading for the rest of Dave’s Earth Day cake recipe. It’s the cake that made his sister fume as she sneaked pieces off its sides because it was that good!

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Devil Dog Strikes Halloween Party Cake: Pumkin Changes Into Midnight Moon; Get The Recipe

All right dogs, LINE UP! Reader can you guess which transgressing hound pilfered the pumpkin cake? Was it old dog, Sam or puppy Tao? If you’ve read previous posts, you’ll remember that Tao’s aka is El Diablo. Yes, it was the devil himself, caught red-handed, with paws on the counter and full muzzle in the cake. Perhaps it was fitting that the devil visited my kitchen as I baked party food for Halloween. The devil distracted me with his own dog hair he had shed across the carpet. Busy vacuuming, I had left the pumpkin cake on the counter to cool. El Diablo duped me into thinking that my little pooch was actually on the way to good behavior. Minutes earlier he had seemed to obey my “Leave it” command and ceased lunging at and biting the vacuum cleaner bag. But that gesture in doggie decorum was just a ploy to conceal his nefarious intentions. Satisfied that I was busy elsewhere, he struck at the cake.

My pumpkin cake was going to be frosted to look like a pumpkin. But now, once again I’d have to chant my life’s mantra, “It’s not how far you fall, it’s how well you bounce.” I’d have to come up with an alternative Halloween cake. And so this was the simple story of how my pumpkin cake turned into a midnight moon cake on Halloween. Click on “continue reading…” for the pictures and cake recipe which is really a recipe for pumpkin bars.

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Does Race Matter? Kitchen Politics in the Election of White Versus Dark in a Chocolate Coconut Cake

Does race matter? My kitchen radio keeps broadcasting this question. Perplexed interviewers repeatedly put it to pundits and people too busy to be pundits, – people like me. Of course, they’re all discussing November’s election, – pretty much what they’ve been doing for the past four years. But this year’s presidential politics has a new twist. Now they’re conversation spins on race versus age.

As one who likes to consider how many years I have ahead rather than behind, I’d like to think that age is irrelevant. And if not irrelevant, at least manageable, thanks to physical therapists, opticians, podiatrists, beauticians, skin care companies, and their health-care compatriots. So when my eyes inevitably catch a glimpse of my image in the mirror, I just mutter TV Laura Petrie’s response to her mirror, “Snow White lives.” and get back to life, just as she did. John McCain probably does the same.

I wonder what Barak Obama says to his mirror? I wonder why media folk refer to him as black when his mother was white. My beloved dog is half Labrador retriever, half German shepherd. I don’t call him a lab. I call him a mix, and vets tell me how much healthier mixes usually are.

These idiosyncratic American political spins are making me dizzy. A little unbalanced, now I’m looking at two chocolate bars and wondering, “Does race matter?” I’m reading a cake recipe that I think my daughter, Lauren, would enjoy for her ninth birthday. It’s for a chocolate cake with coconut and whipped cream icing. Lauren loves chocolate, coconut, and whipped cream. (So do I.) The recipe is from the cookbook The White Gull Inn: More Favorite Recipes From Our Kitchen. The White Gull Inn is a renowned gourmet restaurant in Door County, Wisconsin. Stories of its other-worldly meals spread from the U.P. to Iowa. Even Chicagoans know to visit the White Gull Inn when they trek to Door County. So I’m absolutely confident that any White Gull Inn cake is to die for, especially a chocolate one.

But here’s the quandary. The recipe is White Chocolate Coconut Cake. And Lauren and I don’t like white chocolate; we’re prejudiced in this way. In fact, my snacking chocolate is 85% cocoa. So if I substitute dark chocolate for white chocolate will the cake still reach White Gull Inn standards? 

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Chocolate Volcano Cake with Dinosaurs: How to Make a Fun, Easy, Inexpensive, and Edible Centerpiece for a Kids Birthday Party!

Outsourcing your kid’s birthday party to a party center is fun and easy, until you get the bill. So you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative, but your kid keeps talking about gigantic inflatables, build-a-bear extravaganzas, and water parks. “What ever happened to musical chairs and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey?” you ask. Your child looks up at you blankly. OK! You are determined to take a day-trip to the past. You’ll teach your child about real fun! You’ll throw that birthday party at home! But still, that nagging, “don’t want to disappoint my child” worry repeats in your head.  The solution? – Make the food fun!

Make the birthday cake an edible centerpiece – and even let it be an interactive toy!

“Right,” you smirk. But no, it’s not as hard as it looks – and it’s a whole lot cheaper!

For example, I have a 5-year-old who loves dinosaurs. Last year his birthday party had a dinosaur theme. This year it may again. But unlike last year, this year I’m prepared because yesterday I figured out how to make a chocolate volcano cake with erupting pudding lava into which plastic dinosaurs either fall or flee.

Here’s the picture. Click on ‘Continue reading…’ for the easy instructions.volcano-cake-1

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