Earth Day 2010 is in two days. My kids have been talking about celebrating Earth Day with plans to eat dirt cake and dig for worms (gummy worms that is – in the cake). But is this all Earth Day is to kids? Yet another excuse to consume white sugar? I’m becoming pathetically disillusioned. I asked 10-year-old Lauren how else will she celebrate Earth Day. Ever fashion-conscious, she said, “I will wear a blue shirt, green shorts, and black sneakers.”

 But what does Earth Day mean?” I questioned.

Lauren replied, “Earth Day means you should celebrate the Earth, pick up trash, and think about trees”. I listened but held my tongue. I was thinking about how the Earth is primarily covered in water. I bet dolphins don’t celebrate Earth Day by thinking about trees. I was also remembering how yesterday the kids built a club house in the back yard and left trash all around it. Well, good works must start at home.

I turned to my 7-year-old and ask him the meaning of Earth Day. Dave shrugged sheepishly at the question. He answered, “I don’t know…trees.” He’s not an aquatic mammal either.

“So how do you want to celebrate Earth Day?” I asked.

“Eat cake with a tree on it!” he cried.

Resigned to go with the flow, I sighed and asked, “Do you want to bake one?”

Dave gave lots of enthusiastic nods and smiles. He was all over this one, -ready to start baking his Earth Day cake now. Of course, Lauren immediately whined, “But I want to bake an Earth Day cake too!” This call and response is the usual chorus in my house. Whatever one kid decides to do, the other must do as well.

“So what kind of cake do you want to bake?” I questioned, figuring I’d let him take a little responsibility for this Earth Day effort. “What will you put in it?”

“Two lemons!” he grinned.


“Yes. And I’ll squirt orange in.”

“What else?”

Keep reading for the rest of Dave’s Earth Day cake recipe. It’s the cake that made his sister fume as she sneaked pieces off its sides because it was that good!

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