Forget quick and easy meals. In summer, Wisconsinites need FAST meals. Not fast food, – though in a pinch we eat that too. I’m talking about turbo-prepped meals with ‘fridge to table delivery times of 15 minutes. Rachel Ray, save your 30-minute meals for a Wisconsin winter. With only 3 months of warm weather, Wisconsinites are way too busy outside to spend a single extra minute in a hot kitchen.

The kids have been out of school only a week and already parents look haggard. Last night, for example, we jockeyed car seats among mini-vans in parking lots as neighboring parents frantically arranged which parent would take which child to which activity, be it pre-little league baseball, a swim meet, a camp evening performance program, or a birthday party. Yes, we parents help each other by car-pooling, but somehow even this cooperative effort buys us little extra time for meal preparation. I’m no cooking expert, but I have figured out a few tricks for fueling families fast in summer. Click on “Continue reading…” for some ideas for fast meals busy parents can make. They aren’t fancy, just nutritious dinners kids like.

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