Mom’s Updated Quick Meals Recipe Box: 250 Family Favorites in 30 Minutes or Less is Donna Weihofen’s gift to busy moms. Take me, for example. At 5:30 this evening, post work and errands, my 7-year-old takes out the bread to make himself some toast. Not that he’s crazy about toast; he’s crazy about operating the toaster. It’s the lure of dials and buttons. “NO!” I intercepted. We’re about to have dinner! Don’t eat toast.”

But what was this imminent dinner? I saw no visible signs of dinner anywhere in my kitchen. My hungry, disgruntled child went outside while I searched in ‘fridge and freezer for our family dinner.

My cupboards were not like those of the old woman and her dog, but they were pretty close. There must be some fast, easy dinner I could cook that my fussy children would eat. That’s when I looked to Donna.

cheesy-1Because of our limited provisions, I could not make her recipes for chicken or pasta dinners. I had no hamburger for Donna’s casseroles. But I did have beans. As luck would have it, I had both black and refried. I also had cheese, – naturally, we’re in WI. Cheese is the last ingredient to go missing in a Wisconsin cupboard.

I could make Donna’s recipe for bean salsa dip. Now, that’s hardly a meal, you might think. It’d be more appropriate as a party appetizer. But to limit the conception of bean salsa dip to the appetizer category, would be to miss out on a delicious dinner that kids, at least my kids, loved! Keep reading for Donna’s recipe and to find out how I turned bean salsa dip into bean salsa dinner.

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