I always like those little meatballs in gravy on buffet tables. I think they’re called Swedish meatballs, but I’ve seen them in Chinese restaurants so perhaps they’re a global, mystery meat. There must be lots of different recipes for them because they don’t all taste the same. Some buffet meatballs are definitely superior to others. Maybe it’s the gravy I like so much, -it’s warm, slightly thick, and tasty. Of course it’s fattening, – it’s comfort food. But that’s okay, it’s January in Wisconsin. We need comfort food, and little round meatballs in brown gravy fit the bill.

And since February is just around the corner, I decided I’d try to make my own buffet-table meatballs for the super-bowl party I might have. So I turned to my cookbook, Grandma’s Home Kitchen: Where lessons and life were mixed with love, because the great-grandma of that cookbook came from Sweden. And her grand-daughter, Wanda Peterson Mango who wrote the cookbook, is mostly Swedish too. And their whole family is mostly Swedish, except for Wanda’s maternal grandmother who was German. But together all these daughters, mothers and grandmothers ran Grandma’s Swedish Bakery in Door County, WI while nearly 20 of Wanda’s nieces and nephews ran underfoot. So if anybody would know how to make Swedish meatballs, I was sure it would be the Peterson family. Keep reading for Grandma’s recipe and more of the story.

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