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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Teach Me How To Bucky: Bucky Approved Snacks

If you’ve been in a Wisconsin grocery store lately you know that Bucky Badger, the lovable UW-Madison mascot endorces a variety of snack foods.  You can find Bucky Badger’s face on everything from tortilla chips to horseradish. Whether or not you live in Wisconsin, you can still enjoy these Bucky snacks thanks to which ships these Bucky Badger snacks nationwide.  These snacks make a fun addition to tailgating, an alumni get together, or as a gift to a student, alum, or fan.

Babcock Ice Cream

Babcock Hall Ice Cream 

Babcock Hall Ice Cream is frequently voted “Best of Madison” and ranks as a “Top Seller” on  Celebrate the season with 6 pints of Peppermint Stick ice cream or mix and match with favorites from your days on campus including Union Utopia and Orange Custard Chocolate Chip.

Badger PopcornBucky Badger Popcorn Tin

Bucky graces the front of this three gallon popcorn tin.  That’s right, three whole gallons which translates to about 42 cups of fresh and crunchy popcorn.  Bucky fans can choose from Gourmet White Popcorn, Kettle Corn, Double Cheddar or a mix of all three.

 Can’t get enough of Bucky Badger?  Watch him get his groove on in the Teach Me How To Bucky Video:

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Wisconsin Basketball Food

Badger Snack Sticks

As the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team continues down the road to the Final Four, you will need some snacks to properly enjoy the trip to victory.  Here is a countdown of the best Wisconsin basketball snacks.

5. Badger Snack Sticks– Nothing says “On Wisconsin!” like cheese and sausage packaged together for perfectly cheesy and meaty bites.

Badger Popcron Tin

4. Wisconsin Popcorn Tin– Pre-popped popcorn is the perfect Wisconsin basketball snack- no preparation required, just open tin, shovel into your mouth, and keep your eyes on the action.

3. Bucky’s Favorites from Babcock Hall Dairy–  This cheese is made at the University of Wisconsin.  They say it is Bucky’s favorite varieties and I believe it- he definitely strikes me as a Cheddar and Monteray Jack type of guy.  Can you imagine Bucky eating Brie? No way!

Babcock Ice Cream

2. State Street Brats– You can’t talk about Wisconsin food without mentioning bratwurst.  No matter where you live, you can make your street into State Street.

1. Babcock Hall Ice Cream– This is the ultimate Wisconsin fan favorite. Beleive it or not, all of the foods mentioned, including the ice cream ship all over the United States, so you can enjoy a taste of Wisconsin no matter where you live.  Order today so goodies can arrive in time for the next big game.

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