Looking for more fun things to do in Wisconsin this summer? Here’s something fun you can do anywhere, any time: hold a wine and tapas party. This past weekend, friends gathered at the wine and tapas party held every few months in my neighborhood.

This Wisconsin wine and tapas party originated with someone who wanted a small, intimate party of friends who would gather to share different wines and seriously critique them. Each guest was asked to bring a bottle of a certain type of wine and some food. No kids invited! That was the rule. The conversation, wine, and food would be haute gourmet!

Well, free a bunch of adults from the demands of young children for an evening, set out bottles of wine and a tapas selection of gourmet food and any hopes of seriousness go flying with the pigs. The adults were having fun!

So much fun that as the wine and tapas party roamed through the neighborhood over the ensuing months, the party grew larger and larger. Neighbors invited more and more neighbors to join in the fun. The bottles on the kitchen counters got more numerous and the food went from ordinary potluck to gourmet food. Nowhere in site was a Cheerio, goldfish, chicken nugget, or even cheese pizza. Instead, this weekend we feasted on shrimp, freshly-caught, smoked and grilled lake-fish, crackers with melted goat cheese, bacon, and herbs, and of course, muchas comidas caliente-Mexicana! (I’ve not been the only chili-deprived parent.)

I also broughtt something my children would abhor. I brought broccoli and cauliflower salad. Keep reading for the recipe.

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