Once again I’m happy to participate in the LiveStrong With A Taste Of Yellow, – a food-blogging event annually hosted by cancer survivor and food-blogger Barbara of Winos and Foodies.  In this event, bloggers prepare, photograph and write about a yellow food, then submit it to Barbara who will post it in her LiveStrong With A Taste Of Yellow round-up. This is a way food-bloggers can participate in the larger effort by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise cancer awareness and support cancer sufferers and their families.

Again this year I am looking for a suitably yellow recipe in my Cancer Survival Cookbook: 200 quick and easy recipes with helpful eating hints.The book was co-authored by Donna Weihofen, RD, MS, nutritionist at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center and by Christina Marino, MD, MPH, cancer doctor, researcher, and survivor. Marino contributes her professional training in the culinary arts from the L’Academie de Cuisine. And she draws extensively on her own experience of trying to maintain a healthy diet in the face of all the painful side effects of cancer treatment. Paired with Weihofen who knows how to cook healthy and yummy meals quick and easy, these two women make a dynamic team in their committed effort to help cancer patients regain strength and wellness through healthy eating.

This year I’ve prepared their recipe for Lemon Buttermilk Custard. Click on “Continue reading…” for the recipe.

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