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Cancer and Diet

Cancer and diet go together. Maybe diet doesn’t directly cause cancer, but people who get cancer often battle it through diet changes.

My previous post was about cancer survivors, and I want to follow up with a post on using diet to reduce cancer patients’ sufferings. My sources are two: my own mother’s cancer experience and a doctor’s and nutritionist’s book called The Cancer Survival Cookbook: 200 quick and easy recipes with helpful eating hints. 

Unfortunately, I did not have this book when my family was trying to feed nutritious foods to my mom in her final months. Otherwise, things would have gone much better.

My mom suffered several of the eating challenges that the book’s authors address. Cancer took her appetite and left mouth sores in its place. In brutal cycles, she endured nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. For sure, these are not happy, social topics.

But doctor and cancer survivor, Christina Marino, and her co-author, cancer nutritionist, Donna Weihofen at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center, take up each of these cancer-treatment side effects and offer pages of advice on how to lessen them. Keep reading for some of their ideas.

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Sweetest Story on Sweetest Day – Which history of Sweetest Day do you believe?

Sweetest Day falls on the 3rd Sunday in October. Who says? The official story is that Cleveland candy-company employee, Herbert Birch Kingston, had such a kind and philanthropic heart that he decided to give away boxes of candy to society’s over-looked members, – the orphans, shut-ins, newsboys, and the poor. The official story heralds Sweetest Day as a day of altruism.   

But do you believe this?

Or are you more inclined to accept the behind-the-scenes scoop ferreted out by Cleveland reporter, Bill Lubinger of the Plain Dealer newspaper? Lubinger wrote that Kingston was the dupe of 12 candy-manufacturing moguls who in a smoke-filled back room connived this heart-strings-pulling promotion to increase their candy sales. When their poster-child, Kingston, wasn’t generating enough new sales, the moguls brought in bombshell celebrities, Theda Bara and Ann Pennington, to publicly give away candy to the poor.

And did their promo work? Sort of. Keep reading.

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